Sustainability & Eco

Environmental Policy Statement

In Royalty Hotels & Suites we recognize the impact of our business on the environment and we are committed to ensure the environmental sustainability. We comply with all the applicable environmental regulations and use environmentally-friendly business practices. We are committed to:

-Operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation
-Improve continually the environmental Performance by striving to measure our environmental impacts and by setting goals to reduce these impacts
-Increase the awareness level of environmental issues to all the interested parties (customers, staff, suppliers, local community etc.)
-Perform frequent Environmental measurements (noise, energy and water consumption) and undertake regular environmental audits
-Conduct trainings to all of our staff regarding our Environmental Program and empower them to contribute and participate
-Develop innovative solutions concerning the energy resources by reducing emissions and taking climate protection actions, use local, natural, raw materials & recycled products
-Support National and International environmental organizations (NGOs - Non-Governmental Organizations
-Incorporate environmental considerations in new building and renovation plans

The Managing Director is committed to provide all the necessary means for the proper operation and the constant improving of the Environmental Program. The Environmental Manager is responsible to ensure the implementation of environmental initiatives, for the proper function of the Environmental Program and for the communication of the policy to all staff and customers. The hotel staff is responsible to promote, support and implement the Environmental Program through their daily work.